5 Best Places to Visit When in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is among the countries that most people prefer to go on holiday. If you are looking to visit a conventional European path, the Czech Republic should be on your list. There is a lot you can see while in the Czech Republic there are many things to keep you busy as you unwind. If you are an architect, this is the right place for you since it will give inspiration for your next project. In this article, we will share with you the five best places to visit when in the Czech Republic.

Český Krumlov

This is place should be top on your list. This tiny and dreamy town in the Bohemia South is a gorgeous place you should spend your holiday. In 1992, Český Krumlov was named the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This owing to its genuine and well-maintained castle city plan and layout. When you are visiting this place, don’t forget to check the State Castle which is the national monument. It overlooks the town and offers the tourists with amazing views. 

Moravian Karst.

This topography wonder is in a naturally secured area. It is located in Nothern Brno. If you are new here, Moravian Karst is a sequence of sunken limestone gorges and caverns which stretch for several kilometers. The area has highlights like the Macoha Abyss and the deep gorge that was created when one of the sunken cavern ceilings collapsed. Apart from that, Moravian Karst also has bicycle paths and hiking trails that you can explore so you are not bored inside. 


Are you looking for the best place that you can visit and not worry about where to stay? Consider Olomouc. This place was initially established as a Roman castle in the royal duration The title is a twisted style of its name which is Mount Julius. 

Later on, it became the living area for the governor of Moravian. If you are thinking there are no things to see here, you are wrong. This town was adored nearly in each century of the previous millennium. The Olomouc Castle is from the 12th century and the magnificent Saint Wencelas Cathedral is found here. 


This is the capital of the Czech Republic. This city is very beautiful and features amazing architecture all around. This includes Charles Bride, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle Complex. There are museums, monuments, galleries, historic sites. If you want a location where you will have fun at night, you will enjoy the nightlife here. 


Telc town is located in the Moravia area in the southern region. It was started as a port city during the fourteenth century to support the trade between Moravia, Bohemia, and Austria. The historic center of this town has easter egg colors as well as Renaissance architecture. This makes the place a picturesque to tour.


The Czech Republic is such a beautiful place to visit. There are many things to and see. It is a good place for anyone who wants to see different architectural designs.

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